Mary Jane Shoes Guide


Your Guide to Buying Adorable (and Affordable) Mary Janes Mary Janes is the term used to describe a closed, low-cut shoe that has one or more straps across the instep. Mary Janes are most commonly thought of as a child’s shoe style; however, they are increasing in popularity among women, …

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Cowboy Boots Fashion


Street style is a great way of showing your personal styling ideas in a very unique, eye-catching way. When it comes to winter, there are many options that you can add to your outfit for a perfect street style, and cowboy boots are one of those pieces. It doesn’t matter where …

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Shopping for Lace-Up Heels


The lace-up heel is a unique hybrid of a couple different types of shoes, with hints ofwedges, brogues, and boots visible. This family of shoe includes lace-up high-heeled boots, which gives the shopper more options and occasions to wear her favourite laced heels. Typically worn in autumn and winter, but …

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Boat Shoe Style


Boat shoes are a stylish footwear option for men in the spring and summer. First introduced to the public in the 1930s, the functionality of boat shoes has increased their popularity both on and off the decks of water vessels. Before buying a pair of boat shoes, men should research …

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The Desert Boot


The world of fashion, clothing, style – whatever you want to call it – can be a bit bewildering sometimes. Even for supposed veterans, the constant twisting and turning of what is an exceedingly fickle part of our social schema can cause some serious problems. For those just dipping their …

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Desert Boots Fashion


Just for once, it’s always the most simple and effective of items of clothing which have withstood the changing fashions of time. The desert boot is a perfect example of this winning combination. It’s a multi-functional shoe, lightweight and streamlined, which has the ability to be worn in all kinds …

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Loafers For Style


Nowadays, men have a wide range of shoe designs to choose to match with the outfits they have at home. Instead of the common sandals and leather shoes, men can wear trendy pairs of loafers to any occasion. Whether to work, a special date, a formal event or a casual day out during …

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What Color Brogues to Wear ?


One of the questions men face in autumn is “What stylish shoes to wear and, at the same time, look fantastic?” What’s YOUR answer? Did you say black leather shoes? If you did… you’re close but not quite there… I have a better option for you. In fact, I have …

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