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When did my love affair with Jeffrey Campbell begin? Probably around two years ago when that photo of the JC Glitter Litas was everywhere on Tumblr. Pretty much every rich, American fashion blogger had a pair. Back then, Jeffrey Campbell shoes were almost impossible to get in the UK. With shipping and import fees on top of an £100+ pair of shoes, buying them was out of the question. Every time I saw a girl in England wearing Litas it was awe and gasp inspiring. These days you can order from tons of online stores or just walk into Office. It’s strange how quickly things move. My bank balance has been depleting ever since.
I’ve never been so head over heels with a shoe brand before and when I FINALLY got my hands on a pair of Litas for my 18th birthday it was one of the those heavens opening, angels singing, teary eyes moments. Yes, I felt like that over a pair of shoes. And still do. I was bitten by the Jeffrey Campbell virus and it’s not stopping any time soon.
So, after months of coveting these I’ve finally bought a pair. I got them with 20% student discount from Motel Rocks which took an amazing £40 off. You just can’t fault Motel. All year round student discount and free shipping on these which came in two days, who can argue with that?!
These shoes are definitely out of my comfort zone. I’m not usually an open-toe kind of girl but I’m trying new things. These are such a classy pair of shoes. Although the price tag is pretty hefty, you will have them in year wardrobe for years on end as they are such amazing quality. The black leather and plastic strap contrast just looks amazing and I love the overall shape. The studs really give them a rock and roll edge which suits my style a lot more than the ones which come without spikes.
I’ve read that most people advise to size down but I didn’t have that problem. When I first tried them on, it took a little while to get used to the plastic around my toes and ankles. They’re quite tight so I’d say if you’re wide footed you *might* be in for a disappointment. The straps around your ankles are also quite tight which is something to bare in mind if you’re worried about comfort. I’m personally am a pro at walking in heels so they don’t bother me at all. I will definitely be wearing them as a day time shoe but they will be perfect for evenings out.

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