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Dress Shoes for Different Occasions

Cap-toe oxford


The cap-toe is the dressiest and most popular of all the business shoe styles. It looks best when worn with the more serious suit fabrics and styles. If you get one in brown, wear with navy suit, or an earth-toned suit of olive, brown or tan. Black is fine with all of the serious dark colors of gray and navy but not at all with any of the earth tones. Cordovan is the one color that seems to go with everything except black – and is understood everywhere.

Wing-Tip Oxford


Because of its texture and heft, the wing-tip can be worn successfully with the more textured and heavier fabrics like tweed and flannel. They’re too formal for khakis or jeans, so avoid the mismatch.

Plain-toe Oxford


The plain-toe is less dressy and more simple. It’s appropriate for all business settings

Monk Strap


The Monk Strap is a European classic which has a buckle on the side. It is most commonly made of calfskin, but brown suede leather is very popular with the man who would like a touch of uniqueness in his dress footwear. The suede leather version is seen as casual and a very elegant alternative to the loafer.

Slip-On Dress Shoe


If you’re looking for a dress shoe that will always look good with a pair of jeans, go for a slip-on instead of one with laces.

Driving Moc


The driving moc was invented to let you feel a car’s pedals better. Now it’s an alternative to wearing slippers in public. You can find upgraded ones like this one that are more elegant. Best worn with khaki shorts in the summer with no socks

Dress boots


Dress boots look fantastic with dressy and casual clothes, such as a great-fitting pair of dark colored designer jeans, a pair of dress trousers, or a casual suit.

Boat Shoes


These once strictly functional piece of footwear has become very popular to wear casually with khakis or even jeans.


Cowboy Boots


Classic version of American’s contribution to footwear. The perfect combination to the other American casual standby – the blue jean. Can be plain and simple or elaborately tooled leather or made from the exotic skins of ostrich or reptile.



An old standby among lace-up shoes for summer wear, the white buck comes with a red rubber sole or can be worn in shades of brown, tan or buff.

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