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Tips on wearing shoes with jeans

1.) Avoid smooth, high gloss patent leather shoes with jeans or chinos.

Save your patent leather dress shoes for your suit or tuxedo, they match best there.

This tip here and the picture below is courtesy from trunkclub, a really cool online personal styling for the modern gentlemen.

A combination that you should avoid

2.) Tanned or brown leather shoes typically goes better with jeans or chinos than black leather shoes.

This is because tanned/brown leather shoes are less formal in nature as compared to black leather shoes, thus going well with the casual nature of jeans.

While the expression “No Brown in Town” might not hold true in today’s modern fashion world,

However, black suede leather buck shoes would wear very well with jeans, especially with a medium wash blue denim jeans due to its more casual nature.

Perfect for the casual afternoon out. (2nd row picture on the right)

sj2 sj3 sj4 sj5 sj6
What do you think? Do brown/tanned leather shoes really match better with jeans than black leather shoes?

3.) Avoid loafers/boat shoes or any sleek dress shoes with bootcut jeans or any jeans with a wide opening at your ankle.

The wide opening tends to overshadow your sleek dress shoes and looks as if you’re trying to cover them up.

Basically, if you’re wearing sleeker shoes, try to wear them with a pair of jeans with a more fitting opening by the ankles.

Also…no sneakers with bootcut jeans. See example.

Converse sneakers with boot cut jeans…a big NO NO

the colors are a good match but the opening of the jeans are too wide for such a sleek pair of slip on leather shoe
A big mismatch for dress shoes with jeans

4.) Avoid skinny jeans with lo-cut sneakers

Personally, i’m not a huge fan of skinny jeans for men. Love them on women but not so much on men. But i’m not one to judge and if you’re eager to rock that skinny jeans look, try not to wear them with sneakers.

The form fitting jeans at your calves and ankles when wore together with a pair of sneakers would make your feet look very big. (picture clown feet. )

This is especially so if you have skinny and lankier legs, which is the ideal body type for skinny jeans.

What do you think?

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