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Crocs Patricia II Sandals Review

I really do think that Crocs get a bad rap from some that believe this brand could never be stylish. Pfft.

Fact: The original Crocs were a hit with some and a fail with others. A love ’em or hate ’em type of shoe.

I personally see them of upmost importance when it comes to activities such as camping and gardening. A friend of mine wears them indoors and for work, due to the think cushioning and how they prevent strain on her lower back.

For the kids, the originals are great for the water park or playing outdoors since they wash and wear so well. Kudos for being completely non-slip too.

So, while the original Crocs wouldn’t be my pick for anytime casual wear, I’m happy that the company expended their styles to include some new and hot ones that I would consider perfect for anytime. I think these will sway a lot of people over to the ‘love em’ side!

Have you seen the new Croc styles in stores? They are so worth the double glance!

I recently stepped out in some Crocs Patricia II Sandals and my friend immediately noticed my feet, as good friends always do.


Friend: “Nice shoes, I like them!”

Me: “Thanks, they’re Crocs”

“No, they’re not”

“Yes. They are.”

“Those are NOT Crocs” {laughing}

“Read the label on the side, smart a$$”

“… oh …”

Then my friend paused between these next 2 words, like it was difficult to say “Nice … crocs”



So for even those that wouldn’t consider wearing Crocs beyond the locked doors of the house or yard, again I ask – Have you seen the new Croc styles in stores?

Lightweight, waterproof, comfortable – I really have no time nor need for tired and sore feet, from trying to wear anything that doesn’t love my feet back. I oftentimes run from from store, to school, to the garden and all over again. Why not have a shoe that can work with any situation. Any Summer activity.

Bottom line, I need a little stylish but I also need a shoe that has the ability to be worn at anytime, with any outfit. Also, the price is right at about $44 a pair. That’s a small price for such versatility, all season long.


These Crocs ARE cute and a whole lot more. There, I said it.

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