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Crocs Sandals for Women


Crocs. They got a reputation from the start for having a certain look. Some even went as far as to call them ugly. I know my hubby was never a fan of my warm fuzzy mammoth shoes but man they were so warm and comfy that I never cared what …

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Crocs Patricia II Sandals Review


I really do think that Crocs get a bad rap from some that believe this brand could never be stylish. Pfft. Fact: The original Crocs were a hit with some and a fail with others. A love ’em or hate ’em type of shoe. I personally see them of upmost …

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Tips on wearing shoes with jeans


1.) Avoid smooth, high gloss patent leather shoes with jeans or chinos. Save your patent leather dress shoes for your suit or tuxedo, they match best there. This tip here and the picture below is courtesy from trunkclub, a really cool online personal styling for the modern gentlemen. A combination …

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Shoes And Jeans Matching Guide For Men


Shoes don’t simply protect your feet, gentlemen; they also add a classic element of style that can be paired with any situation — if you know what you’re doing. Does that mean you need to take a tour of the world’s fashion hotspots? Heck, no. Feel free to breathe a …

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Timberland Walking Shoes


Timberland is a manufacturer that puts a tremendous amount of time, care, and precision into their products. This company develops a wide array of different items, from clothes to   boots and   shoes. One of the common threads regarding their products is the fact that they are designed to stand up …

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