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About Shoes That Feet


Shoes That Feet was not just originally created to be a diverse one stop shop for shoe fashion, style, and grooming, but to also easily help men of all backgrounds transition from a  baggier basic style of dress to a cleaner, more tailored and trend-pushing style.  As some may remember, the early days of Shoes That Feet was filled with nods to guys like Andre’, Lupe, Pharell, and Kanye, particularly the latter two– who really sparked the initial change of “current day” style and trends for men of color. Celebrities like David Beckham , Zac Efron, and Brad Pitt have also been a source of inspiration since the very beginning.

Shoes That Feet has been redefining the world’s view of “urban shoes” since it’s conception and continues to do so by mixing luxury, street, prep, vintage, and a plethora of other shoe styles. Featuring everything from how-to-tie-a-tie to details on celebrity style to having some of the best original style guides– it’s hard for a guy to not be satisfied when visiting Shoes That Feet. Everyday lifestyle articles, fitness, culture, vintage and street style are just a few of the other topics you can enjoy when indulging into the swanky world of Shoes That Feet.